Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Loli Loli Paradise Review:

Yesterday I received a package from Loli Loli Paradise. I ordered the Steampunk Velvet JSK in brown by Infanta and also got a cute ring as a gift. She said it tooks about 15 days for it to be ready to ship and she will send it to me at the middle to the end of march. There was a little problem with the shipping, so she sent it at the beginning of April. After 2 weeks I got my dress. The package wasn't easy to open and the JSK was wrapped in very good. The gift was in a little bag and was attached with some tape on the inside of the package. I hadn't to pay any costums. Loli Loli Paradise was really nice. I also got a tracking number which didn't work, but I read about this before. The quality of the JSK is perfect. The buckels on the JSK hold perfect and help to costumize the dress for the owner. I really love the embroidered ''print'' on the dress. The colors on the JSK aren't like the colors on the stock pic. The brown at the frills is more like green, but I think that's really okay. I'm going to the JSK to the next Meet-Up with a top hat and a black blouse. :3